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The Richly imagined tale of Deborah, the courageous biblical warrior who saved her people from certain destruction     

In ancient Israel, war is looming. Deborah has convinced warrior Barak to launch a strike against the neighboring Canaanites, who threaten their people with destruction. Against all odds he succeeds, returning triumphantly with two daughters of the defeated king as his captives. But military victory is only the beginning of a personal turmoil, of which Deborah becomes part.
Despite setbacks in her own life, she gropes her way toward her greatest triumph: the attainment of peace. Will she be able to persuade Barak to be her emissary of peace, as he had previously carried out her design for war?

Following the lead in the Bible (Judges, 4-5) the novel pays tribute to the feminine strength of Deborah from which women today may derive inspiration. Despite the difficult conditions for women prevailing at the time, she "cracked the glass ceiling" over three thousand years ago. What all women can learn from Deborah is that no matter what the field in which they choose to realize their potential, no matter what is right for them, they can draw on their inner strength to achieve it. 

The novels is not just for those with an affinity to the Scripture. I has an intriguing plot, has frequently been referred to as a "page turner" and is written in a light style, first and foremost for reading pleasure. Yet, in a rather painless way, it imparts some knowledge of ancient history in biblical times.

Filled with brilliantly vivid historical detail The Triumph of Deborah is the absorbing and riveting tale of one of the most beloved figures in the Bible. It is biblical fiction at its best